Social Studies

Learning About Famous Inventors

Learning about famous inventors serves multiple purposes in education: In summary, learning about famous inventors is not just about memorizing names and dates; it’s about understanding the human stories behind groundbreaking innovations and the broader implications for society. It equips students with valuable knowledge, skills, and perspectives that can empower them to become innovators and problem solvers in their own…

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Models of Learning

Homeschool Models of Learning

Type of Homeschool Models Let’s delve into the various homeschooling approaches to curriculum and overall philosophy.  There are generally seven routinely recognized types: classical, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, traditional, unschooling, unit studies, and eclectic. Some families stick with one model throughout their homeschooling journey, others switch things up every so often, while still others are truly eclectic using a mix on…

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Homeschooling: Taking the First Steps

Homeschool Encouragement- Taking the First Steps 1) What can homeschooling do for your family? Learning at their own unique paces, embracing your child’s abilities and strengths, using real-life experiences to teach, varied opportunities, and encouraging independent thought are just a few of the fantastic reasons to homeschool. 2) Find the state laws for your state to notify  the local school…

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